Lower North Fork Fire

March 26, 2012 we were in a horrific forest fire that claimed the lives of 3 of our neighbors and destroyed 22 of our neighbors homes.  The fire line was at the very top and bottom of our property.  We incurred damage to the house and had to be out 5 weeks while repairs were completed, but we are among the lucky ones.  We are still not done and don’t expect to be for some time.

To learn more about the fire there is very well done documentary by 7 News – Denver here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6EEAE43635F9A735&feature=plcp

I do not yet know if I will blog about this experience.

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  1. Beth Semptimphelter says:

    This is so cool.. I just sent Maryann an email and saw the rare-air site. How excellent to be able to know the weather status at any time. Thanks for clarity and sharing of your story. peace

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