Weather – Winter

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4 Responses to Weather – Winter

  1. Bruce says:

    Beautiful Indian Summer day in the mountains!

  2. Bruce says:

    First snow of the season…

  3. Bruce says:

    We are in a La Niña weather pattern again this winter. For the eastern slope it means nasty winds but not much snow. The snow is dumped on the western slope of the continental divide, which is great for the ski resorts.

    What is La Niña?
    La Niña is defined as cooler than normal sea-surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific ocean that impact global weather patterns. La Niña conditions recur every few years and can persist for as long as two years.

  4. Bruce says:

    Woke up to a very snowy morning. The snow gauge is now covered. It was at 18 in. and goes to 38 in. so at least 20 in. of snow last night… I will know more when I get out to plow.