Winter is Knocking on our Door

It has been a beautiful Indian Summer this year.  The aspen leaves were spectacular with very pleasant warm temperatures.  It is the best time of year in Colorado.  But, things will change in just a few hours as the first big snow storm is on the way.

By this time tomorrow we should see 1-2 feet of snow with a low of 12 degrees. burrr…  Things are ready to go here with all of the wood split and stacked in the garage.  All doors are sealed and the snow plow is ready to go.  And of course the wine cellar is stocked and plenty of hearty food.

This sounds like it could be an interesting storm since it will be very wet at the start and there is a chance of power outage due to overloaded branches.  It’s a good thing the generator is all charged up and ready to go just in case.

I will try to report in tomorrow since forcasting the weather in Colorado is never a sure thing.  My predication: 18 inches of snow.  Stay warm!

Update 10/26/2011 – This mornings snow total was 4-5 inches, less than 8-11 forecast. Supposed to get snow all day with additional 6-10 inches.

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